Sunday Bulletin 12/30/2018

**Pledge Cards for Jan-June 2019**

Be a conscious part of Namaste’ growth! Fill out a pledge card and give to OUR Thriving, Dynamic Spiritual Community. #WeAreNamasté

~ Seeking Part-Time Operations Assistant for Namasté ~

Now accepting resumés. Full job description located in Fellowship Room. Take one and spread the word.

** Sunday, January 6th **

Rev. Bobbi’s Talk will be “This Thing Itself”. There is One Divine Life, One Creative, Intelligent Power and Presence, from which all form is manifest.

~ Visioning Sunday Returns January 6th ~

The practitioners are hosting Visioning Sunday the first Sunday of every month in making a difference for us collectively and individually.

**Foundations of the Science of Mind, Begins January 14**

We will explore and embrace practical spirituality for everyday living. The spiritual principles and practices that are

laid out here are intended to give you a clear understanding of the basics of Science of Mind. 10 weeks, $180, $18 a class. +$45 for accreditation fee

~ Daily Spiritual Practice ~

Namaste Practitioners facilitate an ongoing Daily Spiritual Practice, Monday through Friday, from 7–7:20 AM. Call in and start your day off right!

605-475-5910, participant code 5339645

~ Tuesday Yoga and Meditation~

Expand your practices with Yoga by master teacher, Susan Jones, on Tuesdays at 10:45. Cost is $10 per session. Then beginning at 12 p.m., practitioners are hosting an introduction to meditation and a guided meditation that will enhance and uplift your day and week during lunchtime – Free!

~ Thursday Night Chats ~

Come get your wise on and talk philosophy and Science of Mind principles with practitioner, Chuck Spencer. Thursdays, from 7 – 8 PM.

Lots of Options to Support Namaste:

Invite in Friends, neighbors, folks you meet to our amazing Sundays, classes. Help us find others to rent our space! Pick up some flyers to take with you!

** Caring for our Spiritual Home – Assistance Needed **

Sign up today in the Fellowship Room to care for our cherished space. We are grateful for our home!

Special Taize Service

Welcome to Our Sunday Gathering

Meditation 9:35 a.m.

Service 10:00 a.m.

December’s Theme: Happiness & Fulfillment

Sunday, December 30, 2018

“Silence” Namasté Practitioners

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