Sunday Bulletin 12/24/2017

Christmas Eve Morning Service

Sunday December 24th, 2017

Happy Holidays from all of us at

Namaste Center for Spiritual Living!

December has been a time of change for this community as we move into a rebirth and a new way of being in this coming new year. We look forward to sharing our “glad tidings” of the progress and transformation of this deeply committed spiritual community.

The Christmas holiday is such a significant reminder of the idea of “newness” represented by the birth of Jesus as celebrated in the Christian faith traditions across the planet. Three wise men, the Magi, followed a star that rose in the east in the darkest time of the year, feeling a sense of hope in the good news that had been prophesied across the land. A child was to be born whose divine destiny was to proclaim the good news for all that the Kingdom of God is at hand. What good news this was at a time that darkness seemed all around!
The light that shone that night signifying the birth of the child Jesus, shines for all of us as a reminder that the same light shines as us. We too are of royal and divine heritage that is to be revealed to each one of us. The Wise Men represent the intellectual nature of us acting in harmony with our hearts. Our divine heritage gives us all the gifts to be what we came here to be and to be revealed.
As the Magi did on that night, we travel far as we follow the light that ultimately leads us within. Let us remember this time of year, the darkest time of the year, that just like the light that shown above the Magi that holy night, star of wonder, star of might, star of royal beauty bright…guides us to the perfect light that is us.
Elves have provided Holiday Snacks & Libations in the Fellowship Room – All are Welcome to share warm drinks and goodies

Christmas Eve Morning Service

Sunday December 24th, 2017

Prelude John Kito
Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls

~James Lord Pierpont; Thomas Oliphant

Namaste Choir & All
Invocation Valerie Day, RScP
The Christmas Song

~Mel Torme, Robert Wells

Welcome Rev Bobbi
White Christmas

~Billy Gilman, Irving Berlin

Karen, DiAnne & All
Hope of the Christmas Story Gary Takesian, RScP
What Kind of Child is This?

~Evan Wickham

Love – Heart of the Season Kim Fox, RScP
Breath of Heaven

~Amy Grant, Chris Eaton

Light of Our Uniqueness Nicki Freeman, RScP

~Johnny Marks, arr Curtis Heard

Our Divine Gifts Rev Bobbi
The High Watch of Oneness

~lighting of the Candle

Debra Bongard, RScP &

Chuck Spencer, RScP

Silent Night

~Franz Gruber, Joseph Mohr

Prayer & Postlude: Alleluia

~DiAnne L Abshire

Kim Fox, RScP
Choir & All